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Thoughts from an International Observer


Published Aug 3, 2013  By "The Emir"

Edited by Nikita Chikrov

            After getting more familiar with the American ideologies (Conservative and Statist) I wonder how on earth would you choose anything like Statism? Is it 1933 all over again but on the other side of political spectrum? Do people really choose to be stripped off from their civil rights and equality given by the Constitution because the government does not provide enough for the individual?

I am a conservative. I am social conservative and a libertarian. Being a conservative does not mean you support all the positions on the right, be that radical or centrist. For someone, if he/she thinks about the Right he/she might recall Hitler; and if they think about the Left they may name Lenin/Stalin. All of these are the radical products of one or the other political side. Radicalism in all senses or forms should always be eliminated at its start. After all, all political, religious or traditional radicalism tends to inevitably lead to tyranny.

Lenin fought for the rights of workers and the working class. If you are a skeptic like me, you would agree that he fought for his own wealth and partially for the revenge over his brother. The political ideology he proclaimed and was shouting out to people, writing books about, and discussing in the Politburo was nothing more than a joke. A joke that he and his comrades forced people to believe was achievable or even possible to last long. 75 years and this Empire was gone - a nation with an area larger than Pluto. The possibilities for such a country were enormous, but eventually it failed. Reason? Communism. Never in the world will there be a free society existent without social division. Why? Because there will be no political competition to keep the nation going.  Social divisions bring different beliefs, these beliefs divide the groups into smaller groups and these groups interact or create a healthy competition of interests. The interaction (any kind of it) between the groups or societies is in this sense politics.

Let us look at Communism. I am not an economist, so I am not able to explain the impossibility or improbability of the communist economic theory. I will talk about their real aim – destruction of social classes and a creation of a classless society. The greatest example of Communism was the Soviet Union. It not only admitted the fact that it did not reach Communism or will not reach it anytime soon, but it showed a great example of how demagogues who eat black and red caviar for every meal in Kremlin while their people starved could talk about Communism when they became the newly created elite. They liked to be in the elite, who doesn’t? They surely wanted to stay where they were – high class, because if they would become ordinary citizens they would be equally poor. Oh yes, Soviet Union succeeded in one thing they were proclaiming – making everyone equal. They made almost everyone (except of these demagogues and pseudo-politicians) equally poor. On the other terms of equality, the Russians were a superior nation. I don’t  even want to get into details. Does not matter what, be that there were more Russians than other nationalities, does not give any right for anyone to say we are Cosmopolitan; but Russians are still rulers over you Uzbeks (Kazakhs, Tatars, Abkhazians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Turkmen, Tajik, Kirgiz, Ukrainians and other 25 and some more nationalities that existed in the Soviet Union). You will surely encounter some people in the republics like Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan who although were members of Communist party expressed their grievance over the racism of Russians. I would say something more, I had a tennis coach when I was younger. She is a wonderful woman. Once, she went for a tennis tournament in Azerbaijan. It happened so that she left the hotel later than others did (first thought – HOTEL in the COMMUNIST state??? Yes!). So she wondered around trying to find where the courts were. Finally, she was completely lost. She asked people, in Russian, where was the competition but everyone ignored showing that they do not speak that language. This is completely despite the fact that mostly everyone in the Soviet Union spoke Russian. Then, she tried to speak Uzbek because the language is in the family of Turk languages as well as Azerbaijani. All of a sudden a man who she was talking to learned Russian in an instant. First words he said were, “You are not Russian?” For what she replied, “I am Uzbek.” He apologized, called her a sister (arkadash is a Turk word meaning brother/sister/close friend) and dropped her where she needed to go for free. Complete ethnic equality, is it not, my dear friends?

Some may say that the state was making more products than any other nation, meaning that industry was better off than in our “shitty” Capitalist conservative nation. The other story told by my physics teacher was about soldiers coming to his house, ripping off every product that contained any cotton to fulfill the quotas for cotton for the quarter. The quality of their products was worse than in any other part of the world. Find me worse…please! Most of the cars not only were not sold because just a slight minority of people could afford a car, but because whenever you first start the engine, the engine or anything else would more than likely fall off or break at an instant. You will more than likely, in a year, spend more money on repairs than on the car itself. Only “poor” and “starving” high ranked Communists could afford 2-3 cars with a driver or drivers. They also could afford summerhouses as a gift for their work. Despite anything, despite all the criticism I would tell you about the Soviet Union – everyone and at all times have an opportunity to rise to the ranks of Members of Communist party, or even General Secretary of the USSR, or to the ranks of Director of a factory. Everyone is given a chance and a right by the Almighty God to succeed. It just depends on how badly you want it. One may be living in a Ghetto, sitting with his/her TV on (I am talking about the United States or any other Western nation), criticizing her/his government on how bad it is for not taking care of him/her and how badly he/she wants to not only kick the butts of these politicians and bureaucrats but also to be rich and show the Smiths, Bush, Rockefellers etc. who this person is or can be. But never on Earth will this person take his butt off of the sofa and do anything about it. People have developed a long tradition of saying that they will do it tomorrow.

One would say that giving more freedoms to people would not harm your democracy. WHAT FREEDOM??? You are in a country that is as free as anyone in the world would wish to be. Equal? People are created equal as human beings but the social divisions they would find themselves in will depend on the consequences of their own actions. If the federal government makes one race “more equal” than the other – it is called racism. You yourself are asking for it. Affirmative action! Black people are less fortunate, they are less educated thus they need to be accepted and whites should find some other place to go. You are giving a priority to black people while creating hatred between ethnicities, my dear friends. A white person would think “why this guy who had the same CV as me  was accepted and I was not? Because he is black?!” You are creating a bomb that is worse than a nuclear one. When one race is given more possibilities than the other – that is racism.

The United States of America is a country of possibilities. Millions and millions of people from all around the world believe in that and find their safe haven in the United States. They become great businessmen(women), politicians or workers. Some close minded people would say, “Give me examples.” Dear Friends, there is not a single individual who is not an immigrant to the American continent. What matters is just how long you have been here. With wealth and success it matters how determined you are. Some people, be that black, white or Latino, are less educated than others not because they are oppressed or the state government fails but because they themselves chose that destiny. There are a number of great (true story) movies based on individuals who were homeless at some point but now possess millions of dollars. There was a movie called “Pursuit of Happiness” where a man was determined and did everything he could and succeeded. He became a businessman who possesses millions of dollars. This movie was just a cinematographical representation of the biography of Chris Gardner, who was a homeless man for nearly a year. This movie shows his struggles but it also shows that he succeeded! I guess this is the perfect representation of a conservative manifesto! Conservatives believe in individualism. Every individual is an owner of his/her own life and destiny and no government should control his decisions or control his life. This movie is a conservative manifesto of the idea that the people should be in control of their life and should pursue their happiness. This is a manifesto that an individual is the only owner of his/her own destiny and no government program can change who they are or will end up being. The only people who decide on that are you yourselves.

You just have no idea on what you strive for. The next article will be on static government, what it brings, the experience of PEOPLE in such a country and its perspectives.